Another from the ‘20 Most Misandric Songs Ever’, Bust Your Windows glorifies Jasmine Sullivan as a moral authority with the power to enforce her judgement with physical, destructive strength. This work shares its theme of property damage in revenge for a lover’s sexual misdeeds with Carrie Underwood’s earlier work featured here on this very blog. We at Misandrist Music would like to officially endorse property damage as misandrist revolutionary praxis. No car is safe from our misandrist rage!

Included on’s list of the ‘20 Most Misandric Songs Ever' is this lovely piece by Vivian Green, 'Gotta Go Gotta Leave'. At first, to the untrained ear, it may be difficult to place what, exactly, is misandrist about this work- what about it oppresses men? But a closer examination reveals a strong undercurrent of important misandrist themes, such as the right of a woman to choose her own partner- and, further, to break it off with a partner or end a bad relationship- even if a man disagrees with her choice. Furthermore, Ms. Green asserts that she is a whole being with or without a man- and, reflecting this position, the video shows her owning property and wielding economic power independently of, and even over, a man. In the end, this is a song about female autonomy- and what could be more misandrist than that?

Kill My Boyfriend, a misandrist anthem by Natalia Kills. My fave part of the video is [spoiler alert] when she kills her boyfriend.

Oh, my goodness, this may be one of my new favorite songs! -Ms. Andrea Twerkin’

Well, it’s been a while, faithful listeners, but the #1 source for misandrist music recommendations is not dead! For the wintry fest of Yule, Goddess Diana saw fit to provide your humble host with new yarn, a riding crop, and the heads of her enemies on a silver platter! Good times. To break the holiday hiatus, we bring you “All Men are Pigs” by the Studio Killers, which, I believe, requires no explanation.

In this user-submitted excerpt from Chicago, the musical, our misandrist role modelles perform the Cellblock Tango while demonstrating several kinds of men to whom the ideal solution is murder.

Ms. Andrea Twerkin’ is currently very busy with schoolwork and won’t have much time for misandry until the middle of December, after finals week is over. User submissions make running this blog much easier and less time-consuming, but I can’t promise anything.

In her song “Chewing Gum,” Annie outlines one excellent model for those of you out there cursed with urges to be with men, sexually or romantically- chew ‘em up ‘til the flavor’s gone, spit ‘em out, leave ‘em lifeless and formless, and step on their empty shells as you move on your way.

Anonymous said: hahaha you can't even argue for yourself. "man sympathizer" haha, you're just a nazi dressed up in feminist's clothing. have fun fighting your vain fight and clutching onto your hate, and remember that karma has earned you some hate because you're putting that out into the world. bye

Presented without comment. -Ms. Andrea Twerkin’

Anonymous said: you are the opposite of a feminist. sexism and hate have nothing to do with equality

Dear Butt-Blistered Man And/or Man Sympathizer:

Of course hate and reverse sexism have nothing to do with equality. What would I want with that? I want nothing less than the complete and total subjugation of men, and if we’re ever going to accomplish that goal, we’re going to need a whole lot of reverse sexism and hate along the way. If I can contribute some small part to that grand, misandrist endeavor by curating soul-stirring manhate anthems, well, I will consider my life well-lived.


-Ms. Andrea Twerkin’

In “Liquorice,” Azealia Banks boasts of her misandrist exploitation of rich white men whose exoticization of black women she turns to her monetary advantage. This is an example of an important truth about misandry: It can be profitable! If you’re always ready to run off with the Man’s, and especially the White Man’s, money at any moment, you’ll gain handsomely when the opportunity finally comes.

Anonymous asked misandristmusic2012-11-23 21:43

lady gaga’s telephone has misandry & mad girl power to boot

Oh, anonymous, thank you so much for reminding me of this misandrist masterpiece! Let’s see, commentary, commentary- where do I even begin with Telephone? Dynamic, powerful women, conventionally feminine and otherwise, killin’ dudes who done ‘em wrong and becoming the subjects of national attention! Plus, the music video is like a Quentin Tarantino movie with fewer boring boys. There was a time when I watched this video every day like a devotional.

(Candidly, I’m still not sure what to think about the dick line a few minutes in.)

Carrie Underwood introduces us to a new fun misandry activity here, in her song “Before He Cheats”- property damage! Underwood’s execution of the misandrist revenge fantasy would be flawless, except for one mistake: her demonization of the other woman. Don’t be too quick to turn away potential misandrist allies- when it comes down to pitchforks and torches, you want every woman possible on your side in the mob violence against men and maleness!

(Some housekeeping: We’re still open for submissions, so send some our way. Also, Spotify users, feel free to take advantage of the playlist now available in the sidebar!)

Coin Operated Boy by the Dresden Dolls.

Misandrist Music’s first garden-variety submission! This song, Coin Operated Boy, expresses the deep emotional pain of looking for a life-mate and equal partner among one’s male inferiors. Don’t worry, Amanda Palmer, robotics is getting better and better all the time! -Ms. Andrea Twerkin’

Metric’s “Gold Guns Girls” tells the story of a long-suffering woman to whom a life-sucking leech of a man has attached himself, who is attempting to pull her into a romantic relationship by nagging and exhausting her into submission. Let misandry put strength into your limbs: If such a parasite oozes into your social life, feel free to kick him right out of the friendzone and right into the ‘never talking to you again’ zone!

Guns may be phallic symbols, but the door Miranda Lambert waits by to shoot her homecoming abusive husband is yonic as heck! Take her example, from “Gunpowder and Lead,” and be ready to assert your powers of self-defense against any aggravating men in your life.

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